Couples Retreats

With hectic schedules, we often do not get to spend as much quality time with our partner as we would like. Overloaded minds and fatigued bodies can prevent us from being fully present to the other, even when he or she is standing right in front of us. Add children and/or extended families to the picture, and "couple time" can be at a minimum.
Taking time out for a retreat with our partner or spouse is a wonderful opportunity to slow down together and renew oneself, as well as the relationship with each other and God. Getting away from the ordinary busyness and demands of life can free each other to gain perspective, balance and well-being.
Couples Retreats can be designed to meet the needs of a particular group. The focus of the retreat might be the relationship of the partners themselves or perhaps each individual's personal growth into wholeness. Regardless of the direction of the retreat, sharing the experience with someone special is a gift partners can give each other.


An Overnight or Weekend Retreat for 3 - 4 couples designed for a particular group.

Place: A very spacious & comfortable home in Falmouth, MA
          1/4mile from beach, 1/2 mile from Main St.
Accommodations: 4 Bedrooms (1 King/ 2 Doubles/1 Queen/ 1 Queen)
                            3 Baths.
Date and Time: Subject to availability


A Day Retreat

Title: "Time Out ~ A Couples Retreat"
Description: “Time Out” will primarily include presentations by the facilitator and time for individual reflection and couple sharing. Sessions will address practical and real issues of committed relationships and participants will be given the opportunity to process the information in a non-threatening and creative manner. The goal of the retreat is to strengthen and celebrate the relationship.
Place: Falmouth, MA
         Retreat will be held at the house used for overnight retreats.
         See above for description.
Date: Sunday, March 19, 2006
         Re-scheduled from February 12 due to snowstorm.
Time: 10:00am to 5:00pm.
          You might want to end the day with a romantic dinner out...
Cost: $100 per couple includes lunch.
Registration: Pre-registration and $30 deposit required.

For More Information and/or Registration

Call: 508-548-9149
Write: Peggy Patenaude
P.O. Box 3083
  Waquoit, MA 02536