Keeping Your Love Alive

Couples Retreat

Discover the #1 key to keeping love alive.
Find out the real source of conflict in many relationships.
Learn a technique that will instantly enable your partner to understand how you feel.
These important relationship building blocks are only part of what you will take home from Keeping Your Love Alive, a day for couples designed and led by Peggy Patenaude. You and your partner will also explore and experience ways to grow as individuals so as to bring the best of your selves to partnership. Through creative one-on-one interaction, you will learn how to increase intimacy with your partner. Together, you will develop a plan to continue to nurture the relationship when the day is done. All sharing is between partners with some time for optional feedback within the larger group. Though the retreat is not religious in nature, a spiritual component is included. The overall goal of the retreat is simply to enhance and strengthen the bonds that already exist between two people in love.
Keeping Your Love Alive is open to any couple in a committed relationship. If interested in hosting your own retreat, please contact Peggy. Couples retreats can also be facilitated as an overnight or weekend experience for four couples in Falmouth, MA. For more information on the Falmouth house, click on the sidebar link "Overnight and Day Retreats".
Make an investment in your relationship. Give each other the gift of spending time together!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Place: 242 Walker Street, Falmouth, MA 02540
Time: 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Fee: $135 per couple includes lunch.
Overnight accommodations available: $65 per night includes continental breakfast
Registration and information: Contact Peggy at 508-548-9149 or
Comments from former participants . . .
“The retreat was a great gift – it exceeded my expectations and left me wanting more.”
“We have been searching for a jumpstart after 25 years of marriage; this retreat provided that for us.”
"The retreat was full of stimulants for dialogue between my husband and me. It was richer than I expected because of all the wonderful quotes, handouts and resources that were shared."
"The retreat caused me to keep in the forefront of my mind just how much I have been blessed by God with my wife."
"The retreat surpassed my expectations. I have applied a few of your gently taught lessons to more relationships than simply spousal!"
"We can not thank you enough for such a terrific overdue day for us! It was worth every second!"
"I found the retreat to be ‘one size fits all’ as it did not matter whether you were together 5 years or 40 years (like us). Everyone could benefit from this wonderful day."
"It was very helpful to take time out for each other and just talk. It's amazing how we felt like just the two of us in a room full of couples because our connection became so strong."
"The retreat helped me to see with the eyes of my spouse."
"Great stories, props, tangible tools and some really good jokes!"
"The day went fast. Well done. Never boring."
"I will definitely recommend it to our friends!"