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<h1> Fall Mini-Retreat Series 2011</center></h1>

<center><h2>"Spirituality for Everyday Living"</h2></center>


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<center>Sacred Hearts Retreat Center</center>

<center>226 Great Neck Road </center>

<center>Wareham, MA 02571</center>



<Blockquote>The following four mini-retreats will be held at Sacred Hearts this fall. All are welcome - men and women, Catholics and non-Catholics.  Most retreats will begin with 9:00AM Mass for those who wish to participate and come early.</Blockquote>


<Blockquote><b>Time:</b> 10:00am to 12:30pm <br>

<B>Cost:</b> $20    <br>

<B>Registration:</B> In order to prepare seating and materials, please pre-register at least two days in advance by contacting Peggy at 508-548-9149 or timeoutretreats@comcast.net. The fee can be paid on arrival.<br> </blockquote>




<B>September 14:<i> The Beauty of Being Real</B></i></blockquote>


Isn’t it a joy to be in the company of people who are <i>real</i>Their authenticity invites and frees <i> us </i> to be ourselves. Though becoming the person we are meant to be takes time and includes pain, inner beauty is the end result. . . and as the Skin Horse said to the Rabbit in the 1975 classic  <i> The Velveteen Rabbit</i>, “Once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”




<blockquote><b>October 19:<i> A Journey to Peace</b></i></blockquote>


<blockquote> Loss is a universal experience that comes in many forms. “Unrecognized losses and unexpressed grief are often at the core of our unwellness.” (<i> Grief’s Courageous Journey</I Caplan and Lang). Though at times sadness and sorrow may feel overwhelming, we are not powerless. When we allow ourselves to journey through the grieving process, healing can be experienced, hope can be restored and peace can be found.



<blockquote><b>November 9: <i>Being a Blessing </blockquote></b></i>


<blockquote> With Thanksgiving this month we typically recall and reflect upon all the good things in our lives for which we are grateful. One of these gifts we may overlook, however, is the blessing <i>we ourselves</i> are to others. Each of us has the power to heal and strengthen the life in others in both small and extraordinary ways. It is our very own life experiences that serve as a great resource for <i>being a blessing. </i></blockquote>


<blockquote><b>December 14:<i> The Power of Kindness </blockquote></b></i>


<blockquote> Everyone needs a little kindness, especially when we are hurting. A simple act of kindness can make a powerful and lasting impact. Ralph Waldo Emerson advises us to not postpone kindness when he says, “You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.” As we prepare for Christmas, a feast that commemorates Christ bringing Light into our world, let us explore how we too might lift others up and be a source of light in their lives.





<blockquote><b>What former participants have to say about the mini-retreats. . . </blockquote></b>


<blockquote><i>All of the retreats have been wonderful – the music, the readings, all that has been presented. Every retreat I have looked forward to and have left feeling relaxed and taking something away with me. Thanks so much.</blockquote>


<blockquote>Well-balanced with reflection time and content. With just a few hours, so much takes place within me. </blockquote>


<blockquote>They are beautifully structured. What you share with us, the songs, stories, prayers, etc. are phenomenal. I take away so much. </blockquote>


<blockquote>Enjoyable, uplifting, renewing, refreshing, awesome! Absolutely life-giving!