Junior High Retreats

The following three retreats have been designed specifically for youth in the middle school years. They are each approximately 5 hours long and can be facilitated during school hours at the school itself or at an off-campus location, such as a retreat house or parish center.
Grade 6:"In God’s Eyes”
Learning to understand and accept differences is a very important task of growing up. Children can have tunnel vision at this point of development and not see the hurt they can inflict on one another. The goals of this retreat are to enable students to see everyone as precious in God’s sight and to motivate them to treat others with kindness and respect.
Grade 7: “Born for Greatness - Be a Star”
God gives each of us many gifts; our gift to God is to use them well. Everyone is called to greatness and to make a difference in others’ lives. The goals of this retreat are to help students realize how special they are to God and to inspire them to use their gifts to make the world a better place.
Grade 8: “Journeys Ended, Journeys Begun”
As 8th graders anticipate graduation, it is important that they recognize they do not journey forward “empty-handed”. They take with them their values, faith in God, lessons learned, and the support of others. The goals of this retreat are to prepare students for the transition to high school and to encourage them to continue to grow and become all that they are called to be.
For More Information and/or Scheduling
Call: 508-548-9149
Email: timeoutretreats@comcast.net
Write: Peggy Patenaude
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Comments from student participants...
“I thought it was amazing how we all had so much fun while learning about God. This was truly a special retreat.”
“At the end of the retreat, I felt closer to God than ever before. Thank you so much for that wonderful day.”
“The retreat taught me to respect others because in God’s eyes we’re all the same.”
"Thank you for making our retreat fun, soothing and spiritual. The highlight of this retreat was most certainly the meditation. It was like I was there with Jesus. Your retreat was truly inspiring for our entire class."
"I really learned I had something special about me deep inside."